Friday, 1 August 2008

Who inspires?

I was very excited and honoured to be given this award this week by a very talented and good friend Ann. She makes the most beautiful candles and is so generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge and skills with others, a rare commodity sadly. Make sure you check out her blog!

There are so many talented people out there but these are people who constantly inspire and although I know will have received this already, but will also appreciate the genuine sentiment behind it.

It's going to

Kaz - one of the most talented, and big hearted people I know. If only we didn't have the ability to lead each other so astray ;-)

Audrey B - she truly is a mixed media artist, so many different techniques to see on her blog with a style that is unique and true to herself. Such a genuine person too.
Audrey H - such an inspirational artist. Lots of fabulous things to see on Audrey's blog and I love her style!
Femmy - again a genuine person with lots of beautiful work on her blog - I love visiting her blog!
Thank you ladies!
Enjoy your weekend x


Audrey said...

Awww - thanks honey - thats lovely

Femmy said...

Thanks Seona!! I really apreciate it!

Karen said...

aaaaaaawwwwww me too, thanks Seona. I could leave a lovey dovey comment to make you barf, but since we're scottish i won'
you know i think the same as you on this anyway. xx

and don't be telling people i'm big hearted, they'll start thinkin I'm NICE next!!

(ok a wee bit far fetched I know.....)

Anonymous said...

Hi Seona...I am so surprised and honored that you gave me this award. Thanks bunches :)

Ann said...

Your welcome Seona and thanks for your kind words xxx