Saturday, 17 November 2007

Friday Fiver

This is a site Friday Fiver that I found via another blog - I'm sorry I can't remember where exactly. On a Friday they post 5 questions designed to make you think and just for a bit of fun. This week's questions together with my answers are

1. What's the last thing you threw away? A crisp packet.
2. Have you ever been to Paris? Yes - I know it very well and love it!
3. What do you stare at? The sea - I love the movement and the freedom and the moods that it has.
4. What do you hurry for? To get home to spend time with my family.
5. Friday fill-in:I could have been better organised - I'm sure that should be my motto!

Pay it a visit once in a while - it's interesting the way it can make you think!!


Kaz said...

aaaaaaaaw you old romantic, great answers.

might have a look on this site now...

Em's Blog said...

ooo will def have a look.. great answers :o)